Parco Natura Viva – Zoo

Parco Natura Viva zoo   is considered one of the most important wildlife parks in the country. 

Located a few kilometers from our  hotel in Verona , it consists of two separate large parks, the  Fauna Park  and the  Safari Park .

The  Safari Park  is a route to do by car, characterized by the possibility of seeing animals from very close, it is an excellent choice and a good way to introduce children to the world of animals.

The  Parco Faunisitco  instead is the area of the park to visit on foot. Made up of large areas full of green flora and animals that have now recreated their natural habitat, the  Wildlife Park is  home to a wide range of rare and little known animals in Italy.

In addition to the classic zoo, inside there is a very interesting tropical greenhouse and the “Extinction Park”, an area dedicated mainly to children where a series of dinosaurs are reproduced in life size.

Discover nature at  Parco Natura Viva !