Venetian Villas

The whole of Veneto, in particular the provinces of Verona and Padua, is characterized by the presence of many residences of the patricians of the past which today are called  Venetian Villas .

They are fantastic villas built in the large agricultural areas of the Veneto that represented the splendor of the patricians; each villa consists of a central residence surrounded by small residences in which the peasants and the staff assigned to guard lived.

Among all the large and luxurious  Venetian Villas , the most important nowadays are the Palladian Villas, some of which have been considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Dedicating a day to visiting the  Venetian Villas  is certainly an excellent choice for lovers of history and beyond.

Reaching them from our  Hotel Locanda Ippopotamo in Verona  is really easy!